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We are now back in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and our traveling days are over for a few years

Doobie Doo At The Start Of His Journey

The Land Rover has started his journey in a 40ft container. It will be shipped from Felixstowe in the UK to Los Angeles via the Panama Canal. The trip will take approximately 4 weeks. This Karen saying her final farewell before Doobie goes on his sole trip.

U.S., as with most countries, are cautious about dirt and mud on the vehicle. As the Land Rover is a year old, the underside is totally clean, but to be on the safe side we treated it to a Felixstowe Posh Car Wash which included vacuuming the interior. Hopefully we will not fall foul of any customs officials, as it was showroom clean inside, outside and underneath.

The vehicle is particularly high due to the roof tent. To ship it without removing the roof tent we opted to go with a hi-cube container. Even with the hi-cube  there was only an inch of clearance at the door way. The fall back is to let some air out of the tyres, this would drop the height by another inch or so.

This is Doobie in the container. The angle of the photo suggests there is little clearance. In reality there is probably a good four inches. It does mean that the Land Rover is going to have to be secured tightly to remove any vertical movement.

There's something lurking in the container and its name is Doobie Doo!!!!!!