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We are Karen & Andrew Taylor. The inspiration for the Land Rover 130 came on a flight from Australia to the UK. I suppose the adventure is a result of sitting in one place for too long with nothing to do other than think crazy thoughts. On arriving back in the UK we immediately started the search for a suitable vehicle. In reality it was always going to be a Land Rover, although having worked in the Far East I have to admit the commercial Toyota Land Cruiser I used in Brunei was probably a much better vehicle. Unfortunately those heavy duty Land Cruisers are rare in the UK.

So the plan was to buy the Land Rover and use it to tour the UK and Europe for a few years before taking a year out  and doing a much longer tour. As with everything in life, things change. We loved our 3 week tour of Spain and decided to accelerate our plans when the opportunity presented itself.

Having visited Arizona in 2007 and lived in Canada for 9 months, we decided to take off and head to the USA & Canada for eight months, then head to New Zealand for two and half months and finally spend a month in Australia before heading back to the UK. 

So Doobie Doo went in to a container during March 2009 and was shipped to the West coast of the USA where we will join him in on 4th May 2009. The original plan was for Doobie Doo go on to New Zealand and Australia, but due to the cost and the fact that we had heard lots of horror stories on how difficult it would be getting it imported into New Zealand we changed our plans and hired a clapped out Toyota Hiace Hippie van instead.

Doobie Doo has been sold and we've now moved back to Scotland. While saving up for our next adventure we have our eye on the classifieds just in case that "not to be missed" Land Rover comes up for sale. That usually means a Series Land Rover or Military Defender.

That's who we are, let us know who you are by leaving a message in the guest book.